Six Rules of Credibility In a Home Financing Relationship

When it comes time to get home loan financing, finance a home purchase, or refinance your home, you’re making a big decision when choosing who will provide your financing. As you’ve likely heard from friends or in the news, it’s no slam dunk getting a home loan these days, so it’s extremely important that you choose to work with a company and team with credibility that has your best interest (and interest rate) at the forefront of their minds.

In order to provide the best experience for our clients we operate under the following Six Rules of Credibility in a Home Financing Relationship:

  1. Under promise, over deliver. This applies to closing times, costs, interest rates, etc… Our team will monitor the market to ensure that we get you the best financing and interest rate available. After our consultation and analysis, we will help guide you to determine the best time to lock in your rate based on market movement. After your rate is locked, should rates improve by .25% or more 15 days prior to closing, we have the opportunity to re-negotiate the lock on your interest rate and float down to the new market rate.
  2. No excuses. Take responsibility for every aspect of the financing experience. When providing financing for a home purchase, we are responsible for the estimate of fees (our and other parties), locking of interest rate, coordinating of appraisal, loan documentation, and ultimately providing the funds for the home purchase/refinance closing. Our team embraces this responsibility and strives for unparalleled service and execution.
  3. Ask good questions, listen and write it down. The days of there being one or two loans to choose from are long gone. Through our planning and consultation approach, our goal is to customize your home financing in a way that it can be used as a tool to reach your overall long and short term goals. We listen to what is important to you about your home loan, whether targeting a specific out of pocket expense at closing or creating the ability to make an extra payment every year, the little details make a big difference over time.
  4. Deliver all news (even not so great news) quickly. There are many moving parts when purchasing or refinancing a home. Each part impacts another and ultimately leads to the closing and funding of the loan. Our team realizes it is paramount to keep all parties informed and advised as information and events unfold. When the news isn’t great, we provide solutions and resolutions at the same time.
  5. Read between the lines and understand the true expectations and motivations. By understanding these important components, our team is better able to show various product options, their benefits, and how they impact the motivating factors and interests.
  6. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do that matters. We could go on and on about what we will do for you, but the bottom line is that you have to build your financial relationship based on trust. The trust is in our desire to help you achieve your goals through homeownership and our ability to deliver what we say.

When selecting your lender or financing relationship, be sure to dig deeper than rate/fees and consider the credibility of the source.

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