Now May Be The Time to Sell Your Dallas-Forth Worth Home

Home sales climbed nearly 30% in October, the largest growth spurt in three years. The better news is that along with a volume increase, the average home price has also risen steadily by nearly 10%. The reasons for the growth are myriad: national economic concerns, still-low interest rates. But no matter how you slice it, the growth in price and reduction in volume is music to the ears of home owners considering putting their property on the market.

Adding to the improved activity in Dallas-Fort Worth sales, the scenarios where prospective buyers are entering the marketplace are including fewer and fewer distressed properties. Since the beginning of 2011, the monthly supply of foreclosed homes has fallen nearly 40%. With fewer “bargains” on the market, buyer expectations are also adjusting to elevated price points. Compared nationally, only the major cities in Colorado and Arizona have a lower monthly supply of distressed homes.

The major health indicators of the real industry are a vibrant marketplace of steadily increasing activity, more and more motivated buyers entering a “buy” phase, comparatively limited supply and demand that is growing ever more comfortable with elevated price points. Currently, Dallas-Fort Worth real estate is enjoying each of these indicators, suggesting that even at year’s end, there may be no better time to sell your home.

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