Dallas Cited as a Prime Choice for Real Estate Investment

The 2012 Real Estate Survey published by PriceWaterhouse Coopers targets the Dallas area as one of the most favorable markets for real estate investment. The reason for such faith in Dallas real estate is a healthy job forecast for 2013. As R. Byron Carlock, Jr., a partner for PWC and its national real estate practice leader, said, “”Dallas is moving up the spectrum as being the most attractive market outside of the six primary coastal markets…It’s a standout in the world economy of uncertainty. There are more investors looking to develop in hard assets in Dallas.”

And the outlook is positive across every possible investment category: office space, industrial property and multifamily properties. Every potential property is seen as favorable by real estate investors, with industrial and office space earning a premium due to a lack of supply. Also, there are plans to expand Houston’s ports, which will bring more goods, shipping and storage needs into the Dallas area. That will see Dallas becoming an operational hub, with transport and storage of imports and exports being managed by local offices of shipping companies. That means more jobs and office space to house them.

Also, due to a lack of projected supply of industrial and office space, construction of such space should begin in earnest early in 2013. That also means more jobs to build, manage and provides services to these complexes. Indeed, recent reports show a very large number of corporate space planned for the Dallas region. So where do all of these workers live? Apartments and single family homes in Dallas, two property types also anticipated to realize large growth. As it stands currently, there is little supply to keep up with demand, which is driving up home prices and rental rates in the area. Even with the new construction, home prices are expected to be supported by large numbers of new workers and residents.

All of this adds up to a positive forecast for Dallas real estate. So if you’re looking for real estate opportunities in Dallas, we can help you before the wave hits. Call us today, 972-499-0454.

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