Dallas Welcomes 10 Sculptures to its Streets in 2014

The streets of Dallas will soon be home to some amazing pieces of contemporary art, thanks to a few of the city’s finest artists. The Nasher Sculpture Center will be commissioning 10 sculptures to be designed, created, and placed in locations throughout Dallas. This special exhibition, Nasher XChange, will take place from October 19 of this year through February 16 of 2014. The exhibition is in honor of the center’s 10th anniversary, occurring on October 20, 2014.

According to the director of the Nasher Sculpture Center Museum, Jeremy Strick, each of the participating artists who are designing the sculptures was inspired by different aspects of Dallas. Artists have used various settings including geographical, cultural, social, historical, environmental, and aesthetic characteristics to inspire their sculptures and their connections to the city of Dallas. Strick also believes that each of the artists will bring a radically different approach to depicting the various locales that make up Dallas.

Many of the artists taking part in Nasher XChange believe that the exhibition will be an inspiring way to bring art to the people of Dallas and to establish a dialogue between citizens and artists. The hope is that through the exhibition, the audience for contemporary art within the city of Dallas will be expanded.

The Nasher XChange sculpture exhibition represents an exciting addition to the Dallas art scene and a wonderful gift from Dallas’ artists to the city. The sculpture center is located in the Dallas Arts District. The center is known for showcasing the sculpture collection of Raymond and Patsy Nasher. Patsy passed away in 1988 at the age of 59. Raymond Nasher, a Dallas real estate developer, passed away in 2007 at the age of 85.

This exciting exhibition will not only bring art to the streets of Dallas; it will bring art to the people, making this great city a more beautiful place to call home.

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