Statler Hilton Hotel Building in Dallas to Be Redeveloped

One of the gems of downtown Dallas is expected to undergo a huge makeover, much to the delight of visitors and residents of the community.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Developer Mehrdad Moayedi is going forth in redeveloping the historic Statler Hilton Hotel building after committing to purchase the building in September. He told the news source that he is planning to finalize the purchase in March or April next year.

“It’s an iconic building,” Moayedi told the news source. “This property can be a hub for downtown.” He added that initial plans have a live music venue going in what was once the hotel’s ballroom.

The Statler Hilton Hotel building is 57 years old and one of the few remaining derelict buildings in the downtown area of Dallas, which has led to it being a point of emphasis among preservationists and city leaders alike who both want to see some good made of the space the hotel sits on and also see the historic building redeveloped for the betterment of the downtown area of Dallas as a whole.

In addition to the music venue, Moayedi also has plans to include a grocery store, movie theater, retail space, restaurants and more in the towering building.

With concrete results still a bit down the pike, Dallas residents and visitors can, in the meantime, look forward to the prospect of the Statler Hilton Hotel building once again being featured prominently in the region.

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