Mass Transportation Expands in Dallas-area Suburbs

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit system is expanding operations, according to the latest report from the Star-Telegram. Texas’ largest public rail system is adding service to the Dallas suburb of Rowlett. DART has also added bus service to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport from Irving. This follows after Irving and Dallas-Fort Worth were connected via an Orange Line over the summer. And while a few fees have been heightened to deal with the augmented services, DART has also simplified its price structure into two classifications of local and regional runs.

The expansion of the already 700-square-mile light rail and metro bus system speaks to the growing Dallas-Fort Worth area. New companies are drawing more workers, which in turn spurns the local economy and housing development. Every real estate indicator – pricing and escrow activity – is on the upswing in the region, with positive gains forecast for 2013. Civic leaders and organizations like DART are getting ahead of the curve to deal with the influx of new residents and businesses.

The availability of mass transit is also of major appeal to would-be residents and business, too, so the expansion of the system feedbacks back positively to corporate and housing development. Companies and their workers like to know that there are options across the Dallas-Fort Worth area for getting to work, shopping and recreation rather than spending hours in their cars. As DART grows, so does the entrepreneurial and living landscape across Dallas-Fort Worth. With these new services, other suburbs are suddenly become desirable options.

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