Heavy Redevelopment Efforts Underway in Regions Around Dallas

A recent report by Steve Brown on www.DallasNews.com highlights some of the new property ventures unfolding in and around the Dallas region. Construction on corporate offices and warehousing is already picking up steam and the building of new apartment residences doesn’t look like it’s going to abate anytime soon; more than 20,000 units are currently being constructed in the Dallas  area. Even residential housing – why typically might be more cautious – has shown consistent growth in terms of supply, demand and pricing. The causes for such a positive outlook are economic improvements and escalating numbers of new residents.

Even the landscape of Dallas has changed. The removal of a three-blown stretch of foliage erased the divider between downtown and uptown. By connecting the brightest property sector from the older business district, Woodall Rodgers Freeway park provide an additional boost to the city’s renaissance. The project is a shining example of how private and public investment can come together to spur economic activity for years to come. And the planning of several new office complexes speaks to the continued arrival of business up-starts and relocation of proven corporate players.

In short, virtually every real estate indicator is on the rise in the Dallas region: increased construction, booming demand, job growth, infrastructure investment and public works and greatly decreased foreclosures. These are all signs that the regions near Dallas like Dallas should experience an “overflow” effect as the lifestyle-career boom continues in Texas. Which means that now is the perfect time to consider buying a home in Dallas or nearby cities like Plano and areas such as University and Highland Park.

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