Fort Worth Adoption Center Reaches Inspiring Landmark

According to the Star-Telegram, the 30,000th adoption was reached this month when a month-old daughter was brought home by a Fort Worth couple. Adding to their newfound family joy, the couple was then presented with a $30,000 scholarship to commemorate the occasion, an unexpected gesture to the mother and father, who have adopted children before. It was a very special holiday gift and a reminder of the generosity of spirit both within Fort Worth citizens and the amazing Gladney Center for Adoption.

Frank Garrott, president of the Gladney Center and himself a father who has twice adopted children, talked about how adoption is not just a backup plan for the parents who come through his doors: “Occasionally you’ll hear some people refer to adoption as Plan B,” he said. “But you won’t hear our parents refer to it as anything but Plan A, because the children they adopt were always intended to be in the family.” Indeed, adoption is about creating a family in the truest sense of the word, which to these fine citizens, has nothing to do with just biology.

Another gesture to commemorate the occasion was the scattering of 30,000 bluebonnet seeds near the campus at 6300 John Ryan Road. The Gladney Center has a long and storied tradition that stretches back over one hundred years when Fort Worth was the last stop for unwanted orphans being sent out of Philadelphia and New York. Then, as now, the city of Fort Worth proved not to be a last stop, but a first hope for children in need of adoption. It reminds us, especially at this holiday time of year, that the people and city of Fort Worth are special indeed.

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