2013 Advisory Council Members for Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas Announced

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas recently announced a newly appointed member to the Bank’s 2013 Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is pleased to welcome Cynthia Griffin, in addition to the reappointments of Michelle Whetten, Deborah Webster and Jane Provo.The Advisory Council serves to advise the Bank’s Board of Directors on a variety of issues including housing and economic development matters. Currently, the Council is composed of 13 representatives from state, community, and nonprofit organizations.Newly appointed member Cynthia Griffin has served the community for many years. Currently serving as the executive director of Habitat for Humanity/Metro Jackson, she has held this position since 2005. Griffin also serves as vice chair of the U.S. Advisory Council to the Habitat for Humanity International Board of Directors. As vice chair, Griffin has had a significant part in advising Habitat on the many challenging issues arising in the area of mortgage lending and homeownership.

Michelle Whetten currently serves as vice president and Gulf Coast market leader for Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., in New Orleans, Louisiana. Previously, Whetten was deputy director for Enterprise’s New York City office. Whetten is also the current president of the Louisiana Association of Affordable Housing Providers, and has provided grants and loans to a number of developers in Louisiana.

Deborah Webster is currently a lead consultant at Concept Consulting Group, LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her role serves to aid housing organizations and agencies in the development of affordable housing projects. Webster has worked in the housing and community development arena for more than 20 years.

Jane Provo is executive director of the Denton Affordable Housing Corporation in Denton, Texas. During its 17 year existence, Provo has grown the corporation’s asset base significantly and continues to advise on many housing and community matters that arise.

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